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Your Portraits

After the photo shoot, your portraits will be edited for clarity, color, and impact based on our pre-shoot discussions.  The digital photos will be delivered to you on the medium of your choice, usually within a few days, depending upon the number of photos to be edited and the complexity of editing requested. Thumb Drive is the most common medium. However, Digital Download is available from Drop Box. High quality prints are available in 8.5”x 11”, 11" x 14", 13" x 19", and 17” x 22”.  Prints larger than 17” x 22” and Canvas prints are available but require outside sourcing.


PLEASE NOTE: Digital files of your portraits are captured by the camera and sent directly (tethered) to an off-line computer 's hardware-encrypted hard drive. Your portraits are NEVER exposed to the Internet at ANY time (unless you have requested delivery via Digital Download). All editing is done on an off-line computer and all files are saved back to the hardware-encrypted hard drive when the editing process has been completed.

IMPORTANT: I choose NOT to retain ownership/use of your photographs UNLESS you choose to sign a release allowing me to do so.  If you sign the release, your photos will only be used by me for promotion of my work (on-line and in my physical printed portfolio).  Your photos WILL NEVER BE SOLD or GIVEN AWAY to anyone.


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