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Intimate Portraiture for the Discriminating Client

Have you ever met a photographer who gives you the creeps?  You know... The kinda dude who just makes your skin crawl and the hair on the back of your neck stand up?  The guy who reminds you of every horror movie’s sex mad, psychopathic killer, ready to lure you into the most perilous situation you could ever possibly imagine?  An insanely twisted guy who has no moral compass, no conscience, no empathy or compassion? The kind of sick bastard who would sell your photos to anyone for a quick buck? A turd of a man who would readily upload your most intimate exposures to the internet?

Well... That AIN’T me.  Nope. Sorry.

The worst you can expect from me is a lot of laughs at my own expense, and the best photographic experience you’ll ever have! All while you’re posing in whatever compromising position you can come up with, and in - or - out - of whatever fun, loud, bizarre, or kinky clothing you choose to wear. And when it’s all over, with the results of your exciting photo shoot in hand, you’ll be able to answer the most obvious question to be asked by the people you decide to show them to...

“Who shot those pics?”

And your reply will be...

“Some Creepy Old Guy!”

My name is RJ Evans and I’m Creepy Old Guy Photography®  Oh... And really... I'm NOT CREEPY.  :-)  I’ve been a professional photographer for more than two decades. I'm inviting you to indulge yourself, immerse yourself, bathe yourself in the spotlight of the beautiful, sensual world, of Intimate Portraiture.  No matter your gender identity,  become your own muse and create bold, daring, and exciting photographic art. A little or a lot. To tease, or to entice and incite.  Or to simply express an intimately personal emotion . The choice is yours. Your imagination is your guide. Your personality provides the  color. Your excitement gives the portrait life.   

(...and you'll live to talk about it!)

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