Intimate Portraiture

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”


- Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature – 1971


The lining of our skin is only a small part of what makes human beings beautiful.  Character, personality, passion, love… So many things contribute to the overall beauty of people.  And yet, these things are very often overlooked, fading into the shadows of cultural trends, fleeting fads, and commercial displacements, designed to do nothing more than distract us from ALL the wonderful aspects of what makes human beings beautiful. 


My name is RJ Evans and I’m Retina Echo®.  I’ve been a professional photographer for more than two decades. I’ve photographed just about everything from wildlife to people.  But, no matter what I photograph, it is my passion to capture the hidden beauty all around us, and in us. It is my mission to create works of art from the echoes that pass through my retina.  I’m inviting you to become my focus, and a part of the creative process! Become my muse, a creative partner…


Become a Work of Art!